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Narrow Band Ultraviolet B Light Therapy

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Frequently asked questions

1. Does it have to be at night

Not necessarily, choose the time suitable for their own irradiation, choose evening irradiation for convenience, do not touch water after irradiation, 6-8 hours, just get up the next morning to see the erythema situation

2. Do you have to turn off the light or shine it in a dark room?

Don't need

3. No erythema reaction after the first irradiation for 6-8 hours, can I continue?

No, the interval of secondary irradiation is 24 hours, most people's erythema reaction in 6-8 hours after irradiation, some cases within 24 hours

3. Why did I get erythema reaction in 1 minute and 20 seconds last time, but no erythema this time?

As the number of times of exposure increases, the skin produces light tolerance, and the exposure time increases, subject to the occurrence of erythema

Do you take pictures every other day or every day?

If do not have erythema when, can illuminate everyday, when appearing erythema, suggest next day illuminate

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