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Membrane Bioreactors

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Membrane bioreactors (MBR) are a wastewater treatment process where a perm-selective membrane is integrated with a biological process – a suspended growth bioreactor.
It is essentially a version of the conventional activated sludge system. Whereas the process uses a secondary clarifier or sedimentation tank for solid/liquid separation, an MBR uses a membrane to separation. Membrane bioreactors provide a number of advantages relating to process control and product water quality.


Module Data




Nominal Area(m2)




Recommend Flow(m3/d)





1000*535*40 800*630*42

1800*535*40 1500*630*42


Membrane Material

Reinforced –PVDF

Pore size(μm)

0.1μm or 0.04μm

Fiber Diameter

2.2/1.0mm or 2.6/1.2mm

Breaking Strength

> 200N

Flow Path


TMP Range

-0.05 to 0.05Mpa

Operating Temperature


Operating PH Range


Backwash Flux


Permeate Turbidity

≦0.5 NTU

NOTE:MBR -5,MBR-12,MBR-25,MBR-35 and customized model are available.

It's generally acknowledged that membrane bioreactors have a number of advantages over other wastewater technologies − although this is not to say they are always the right choice and there are a number of factors to take into consideration. But, in general terms, membrane bioreactors have a better biotreatment.The longer solids retention times tend to provide better biotreatment overall. The conditions help the development of the slower-growing micro-organisms, specifically nitrifiers. Membrane bioreactors are especially effective at the biological removal of ammonia

Although MBR technology is not always the best choice for wastewater treatment solution − it can sometimes be more expensive than other solutions, for example − membrane bioreactors (MBR) are increasingly becoming the technology of choice for water and wastewater applications where high quality treated water is required, or where space is limited.

Membrane bioreactors(MBR) have now been implemented in more than 200 countries and global market growth rates of up to 15% are regularly reported in various market analyses. Confidence in the process still appears to be increasing as the number and size of reference installations grows further, with a number of plants over 100 MLD in capacity (expressed as peak daily flow) now having been installed.

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